Editing a RAW image

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Re: Editing a RAW image

Hey guts, some AMAZING results there, many thanks for taking the time.

I was shooting RAW + JPEG on my RX10M4. When I went to post the image to DropBox it ws in my Photos (MBP computer). I said to export original image to my desktop (without any of the processing I had done) but on my Desktop there were two images, a RAW and a JPEG. I thought I'd only loaded the RAW up to DropBox but seems they were locked together.

The only half decent software I have is the free Capture One 22 for Sony which someone on here suggested I got, but I'm still a complete novice using it.

I can understand the noise being present as it ws a somewhat cloudy day and the ISO was at 2500 having set the Shutter to 3200 to try to freeze the flight.

Again, many thanks for playing with it. Nice to see what can be achieved in expert hands.

This is just the original RAW file... or ARW as Sony calls it.

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