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Re: Editing a RAW image

Digital Nigel wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Nigel, I'm suitably impressed with the Topaz difference, maybe that new AI suite may be in my future for those difficult higher ISO shots.

Sharpen AI is also very useful; it's the Topaz AI app I use most often of the three. The suite isn't all that new (I've had it several years), but still gets frequent enhancements. It doesn't replace PL5, but is a useful supplement.

The thing that piqued my interest is the new Photo AI coming in September, from https://www.topazlabs.com/image-quality-bundle

I'm ignoring that. It's basically an AI autopilot to drive the three AI apps. It gives access to only limited functionality of the apps.

The video I saw somewhere seemed to have all the usual adjusts available if needed.

Maybe I'll trial it when it surfaces. (30 day guaranteed refund). The AI part seems to make sensible(?) decisions on what modules to use and by how much and lets the user go back and do individual adjusts in each part of the package. Can't find that video now but I think it was on the Topaz introductory page for a short while.

Found something (not what I saw) near the the bottom of https://www.topazlabs.com/learn/3-easy-tips-to-improve-your-travel-photography#video where the 18min video is mostly Photoshop and at about 9 to 12min is a bit of the Photo AI work. He mentions somewhere that he will work on a  bunch of videos to come at release time of Photo AI next month.

Topaz has a poor record for buggy releases, so Photo AI will be immature when released. In any case, it won't add any functionality to the existing apps.

It seems to make the boring legwork of noise and sharpening (and resizing as needed) much faster and easier. Either accept its auto result or step in and control it.

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