Minolta x700 flash sync issue

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Re: Minolta x700 flash sync issue

Try this to see if using another shutter speed will work.

Take the lens off . Conned the flash and put the flash head against the mount

Open the back and put a piece of white paper (folded in two ) against the shutter. Have the shutter speed on 1/60 and fire the shutter. You should see the same problem as you see on your negs. Change the shutter speed and see when you get a full sync.

This is if you want to avoid sending the camera in for repair.

(BTW, I found this comment from someone that had your same problem :

Drack wrote:So today I took the camera to the local repairman and can you believe it , it got fixed in 5 min . The whole repair costed me 8 USD . I`m very pleased with that and now I can try out a whole new system

Excellent news! What did he do?

He took off the bottom plate of the camera. Then he unscrewed one screw that was directly below the film take up spool. If I understood everything correctly that screw held in position 2 gearwheel`s that are responsible for cocking the curtains. So he simply turned them into their right position, screwed back the screw and the bottom plate and Ta daaaa.... The camera is as good as new"

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