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Re: Editing a RAW image

Digital Nigel wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

The raw file was a different frame. Anyway, here's my take with Photolab5 and DeepPRIME plus a few minor fiddles.

Your posted jpeg left, my Photolab5 fiddle with the raw file right.

It's a screen grab with both at 50% so best to look at original size.

Tremendous amount of noise in the raw file and attempts to remove all of it make it look bad, best to leave DeepPRIME at default and allow some noise and retain detail as much as possible.

I like the bird's pose better in the raw file version. If needed the bird could be "moved" down a bit to be closer to the landing area like on the left and give a little more context to that 2153 pixel wide crop.

Yes, I thought they were different frames, too, but the odd thing is that they were both apparently shot at exactly the same time (2022-07-27 15:01:50),

I do not think this is significant. The time resolution is in seconds while he was likely shooting at the high burst rate of 24fps. The frame to frame time change is therefore only like 0.04 second. It is possible to get up to 10 frames with the same timestamp

and the camera settings are the same, too. So there's something funny going on: either the exif has been altered, or Michael's JPEG image has been heavily edited. It might be better if Michael also posted the corresponding OOC JPEG.

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