Minolta x700 flash sync issue

Started Aug 22, 2022 | Discussions thread
sybersitizen Forum Pro • Posts: 26,198
Re: Minolta x700 flash sync issue

black_caniche wrote:

Could exposure speed shift with time-age?

Yep. Speed and/or timing can drift.

Any ideas?

The shutter curtains in the X-700 move from right to left, seen from the back. Since the image at the film plane is reversed left/right and top/bottom, the obstruction must be on the right side as seen from the back, meaning the second curtain is starting to close too soon, or the flash 'fire' signal is sent too late. It seems a bit odd that an electronically controlled shutter would drift that much, but the evidence is pretty clear.

Maybe try speeds slower than 1/60s next time, though the curtain might still close too soon.

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