Your favorite Nikon camera body for use with vintage manual focus lenses

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Re: Your favorite Nikon camera body for use with vintage manual focus lenses

I have many cameras, and I wonder if a per maker thread makes sense, since each will have few people chiming in. My guess is that it's best discussed generically.

My biggest gripe with film is that 99.99% of the viewers for mine would not see a print but a scan. This is why I never use film. Then there's the chemical waste. But I like the restrictions and pace it imposes. I wish there was a "film mode" that would force one to take at most 36 picture, then have to do some action to change the roll. And the photos would be named according to the roll. Ok, it's a soft experience, but consider it like those Hardcore Mode in many games. It forces you to a different pace and level of attention. The mode should disable Review, and therefore also Delete. It'd be even more interesting if it automatically ordered contacts for each roll and sent to the Default address. Even more interesting, one should select the Film Emulation and ISO BEFORE shooting the roll, and unable to change it within the roll. I think this would give some cohesiveness and more like in the past we had music Albums who had more consistency and not just a collection of songs.

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