3rd party RF mount lenses, when ?

Started Aug 20, 2022 | Discussions thread
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Re: 3rd party RF mount lenses, when ?

antonio-salieri wrote:

Wing2 wrote:

The RF-mount uses the same flange distance as the L-mount, so all their new mirrorless designs should be optically compatible with the RF mount.

L-mount and RF mount have the same flange distance, but different inner diameter (RF is a 3.4mm bigger) That means L-mount lens may work optically but probably not making full use of the RF mount.

Furthermore, optics is only part of the tooling cost. There is also cost of the mechanical mount tooling plus tooling cost of the electronics (could be an ASIC or controller masking) that convey RF mount signal between lens and Canon body at higher speed than EF lens.

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