3rd party RF mount lenses, when ?

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Re: 3rd party RF mount lenses, when ?

Imagine you are the owner of Tamron or Sigma. If you make EF mount lens, you sell the lens to both EF and RF mount customers. If you make additional RF mount, you can only sell to RF mount users. Yes, some more RF users will pay for extra convenience and reliability. 
Can the extra engineering and tooling cost justifying it?

While reverse engineering is typically legally safe for software/firmware related matters. Intellectual properties related to patents are not legally safe even if the design was reverse engineered in a clean room. Extra money is needed to be reserved to fight legal battle just in case one of Canon’s thousands patents was accidentally infringed.

With all these things added up, I bet RF from major 3rd partly would not happen until EF users became an insignificantly small minority.

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