Lightroom Good Enough or?

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Re: Lightroom Good Enough or?

g7_chord wrote:

Works for me. In a recent post someone mentioned worms when he pushed sharpening. Not sure what that is, but I'm sure I don't do it. Lots of opinions here are based on older versions of LR. And bear in mind that many phenomina exist only in internet posts.

You'll be fine with LR.

That may have been me and my recent thread relating to 'other options'

OP - my opinion - LR is fine and fast to work with. The reason for my recent post is that after a recent trip I had a lot of images - LR was great for culling and general processing of 'family snaps' but i had a few I wanted to work on. As i had previously encountered worming and the watercolour effect I was aware this may become an issue on these images. It is if you push sharpness above 80, but keep below its ok. Output is generally ok as standard, but comparing to some other options such as C1 etc.. you can get more out of them. Bear in mind I'm lazy.. so i like my workflow to be fast and linear

As mentioned you can use iridient (I didnt have any success probably due to my incompetance) or enhance details (i feel like this is a bandaid) to get excellent results. As I generally process a lot of images I dont like the additional files or workflow.. hence me seeing what else could 'compete'

I still think LR is a great options and i'm really holding out hope that they sort the fuji stuff out... but if you want out and out image quality - LR with additional files and workflow - or C1 (others have mentioned things like Acdsee too)


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