Nikkor AF 180mm 2.8D ED

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Re: Nikkor AF 180mm 2.8D ED

Igor Sotelo wrote:

I have the excellent Nikkor 180mm 2.8 ED AI-S, and was wondering if to get also the Nikkor AF 180mm 2.8D ED at a fire sale.

I tried the lens few years ago when was buying my Nikon Df and was very impressed by the built quality. Unfortunately didn’t take pictures that time.

It has a different much more complex optical formula and was wondering if it’s worth trying it?

I have that AF Nikkor and used to use it a lot on a D7100/D500 but not for some time.

No idea how it compares to the ai or ai-s versions bu the fast AF is certainly useful if you want to do any sports/action stuff.

There seem to be mixed views on the chromatic aberration:  most say that lateral is low and axial is very low.  I don't remember much of an issue with either.

I have used it a bit on a Z6 in MF obviously and it works very well but I suspect it depends  on whether  you have a newer copy with a helicoid in good shape.  On mine it is very smooth and there is no hysteresis/backlash.

I mainly used it with a Kenko pro300 DG 1.4X tc but then switched to 300/4 primes hence little use recently.

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