Focusing Samyang 7.5mm 3.5 problematic on Panasonic G100

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Re: Focusing Samyang 7.5mm 3.5 problematic on Panasonic G100

RoelofH wrote:

ossid wrote:

RoelofH wrote:

I have to set the manual focus at around 25cm to have a sharp image at infinity.

I believe that's not the case. If those online calculators are correct, hyperfocal distance of this lens is around 1 metre.

When focused on 1m distance, everything from around 0.5m to infinity should be in focus.

I used to own this exact lens and I always used it stopped down to f/4 and cranked focus about halfway of 0.25m and infinity mark. Seemed to give decent results with that.

Maybe I didn’t express myself clearly. I am aware of how to focus a manual lens. In this particular case, even with f16, I have to focus the lens at 0,25cm to get a reasonable sharp image at infinity. That is not the case with my other MFT camera’s. With other bodies I can set the distance ring as usual. So it’s the particular combo of body (G100) and lens that causes this problem. I tried another manual lens and that gave the same focusing issues. Things started after replacing the sensor under warranty. I did send the G100 back again, but they won’t repair or replace it, because they can’t find a problem.
Regards Roelof

I think I misinterpret your original message too, now when I read it again.

I think it is reasonably proven that the flaw is in G100. If this Samyang lens works fine on other bodies and other manual lenses(which are proven to work on another bodies) have problems with the G100 body also.

Sad to hear that they are refusing to repair it.

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