Tokina ATX 287 f:2.8 AF Pro SV poor performance

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Re: Tokina ATX 287 f:2.8 AF Pro SV poor performance

Your contributions are a big help, all!

I will def. try the Tamron if possible, I'm going to the shop tomorrow (for those interested, Kamera Express in Capelle, the Netherlands) and hope to come home a happier camper again.

I did make many more testshots at 28, 35, 50 and 70 mm at all apertures later, I must admit at f8 thru f13 they are really good allround. The 28 and 35 mm held up compared to the Nikkor 17-35 at the same focus distances pretty well. Perhaps sharpness a wee bit less, but contrast was as good if not slightly better.

But at f2.8 the Nikkor 17-35 blows away the Tokina (28 and 35mm) I think. Maybe my testing wasn't done very 'scientifically correct', I am only an amateur.

Would people here like to see the results ? It is a bit of work to put them alll online, but I am willing to go that length. After all you helped me out too here!

What I did: put op a 300W halogen as light source and mounted cam fixed on tripod, used wireshutter release to steady the cam and just clicked at all apertures. Used jpeg fine, liked to use raw but A LOT of extra work I did not feel like... I photo'd a cupboard full of books and small stuff, and included a grey card in the shots.

Let me know, I am going for the Tamron test tomorrow! Wish me Luck!

Best and Thanks again,

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