Nikkor AF 180mm 2.8D ED

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Re: Nikkor AF 180mm 2.8D ED

My two pennies worth (mind you pennies are no longer valid currency).

Well made, good value for money lens if the focal length works for you. High CA at wider than 4.5 so you will need to stop down for those situations or mask & deal with fall-off in post processing. I tend to use it for widefield astro so don't have much daylight stuff. Do not agree with comment by poster on hard to focus manually - at least my copy works well for astro which is quite demanding on focusing - I do use a Bahtinov on it for that application. AF is a bit clunky in keeping with its venerable age. All in all, the 200mm f/2 is in my view, a better lens but much more expensive and harder to source here in the UK.

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