Nikon's most affordable 'Subject Isolation' lenses are?

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Re: Nikon's most affordable 'Subject Isolation' lenses are?

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Sorry... NOT gonna be listing any lenses below 50 millimeters... primarily because wide angle zooms and wide angle primes (in my book) don't supply enough 'effective' subject isolation. Starting from the lowest focal length (and don't forget, most affordable, in no particular order)... they are:

1. 58 F1.4 - alittle pricey, but still somewhat affordable. I rented it once but have never owned one... creamy bokeh and SI (Subject Isolation) at F2.4... great at F2.0 and lower.

2. 85 F1.8 - Great 'bang for the buck' in a portrait lens... great SI below F2.8... quite amazing wide open at F1.8... comes strongly recommended here.

3. 105 F1.4 - OK... admittedly... not really all that affordable... BUT OMG... this lens is what 'Subject Isolation' dreams are made of... very impressive SI at f2.8... mind-blowing at F1.4.

4. 135 F2.0 DeFocus Control - a hard to find lens that's been discontinued... but CLASS LEADING 'Subject Isolation' at F4 and faster... truly mind-blowing at F2.0.

5. 70-200 Nanocoat F4 - much lower in price than it's heavyweight brother (70-200 F2.8)... somewhat impressive SI at 200mm F5.6... very impressive at F4.

6. 70-300 ED-VR - Another great 'bang for the buck' zoom with impressive SI at 300 (F8-F5.6). This lens is one of my personal favorites due to it's light weight and low cost. (I've owned 3 in the last 6 years).

7. 80-400 Nanocoat F5.6 (new version). Rack this zoom out to the 350-400 range... amazingly impressive SI at F8... very close to mind blowing at F5.6. This lens is alittle pricey, but a strong performer.

8. 200-500 ED-VR - OK... the WOW Factor smacks you in the face at 500mm wide open (F5.6)... extremely shallow depth of field. Results at these settings will leave your viewer's jaws dropping to the floor.

These are the lenses I've got best SI results with... what are yours?

Here's Taylor with the 85 F1.8

For Nikon, my best lenses over 50mm for subject isolation are:

- Makro Planar 2/100

- Apo Sonnar 2/135

- Nikkor 180mm 2.8 ED AI-S

But the first two aren’t “afordable”. My super telephotos make very fine subject isolations, but wouldn’t use them for portraits because of distortion.

Seen some great reviews on this lens, and have a couple friends that own one. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on one for some F2.8 testing. I'm sure the SI on this lens is astounding...

I have the NIKON 180mm f/2.8 D ED. . . one of my fave lenses . . . and absolutely one of the best bang for the buck lens in the NIKON lineup . . . sharp as a tack . . . and great subject isolation and bokeh!

All shot at f/2.8 except last at f/4 . . .

Fab lens . . . I picked up mine in used but pristine condition c/w orig carton and case for 300 bucks . . . !!!

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