Used eBay lens or new?

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Re: Used eBay lens or new?

In terms of optical quality, lenses are always a bit of a lottery, even if you buy new. All lens models have sample to sample variation, and you're not really improving your chances of getting a good optical copy by buying new. Yes you often have the option to send it back and get another copy, but it might be worse than your first one. It's often a difficult judgement as to whether its imperfections are typical or unusual for that model. You can go through a long and tedious process of testing, examining, sending back, waiting, and ultimately still not be happy.

The main reason for buying new is that you're more likely to get one without any physical problems, like defective AF, IS, scratches, fungus, sloppy zoom action etc, but these are things which good used sellers will highlight, or specifically say that it doesn't have, so they are quite easy to avoid when buying used.

So generally, if there's a substantial saving to be had, and can find one which is described well and appears to meet my requirements, I would buy used.

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