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Re: DXO PhotoLab

Yeah subscription models are very common now, but that's one of the reasons I like DXO as they still are using a traditional licence models, where you simply pay outright.

All further updates and patches, which also include support for new cameras, are free of charge. They keep supporting each major version for about a year: Traditionally DXO releases their next major version of PhotoLab always in late October, usually between the 20th and 25th. Once that version got released, the previous one will only get important updates to fix bugs which prevents the software from working correctly. There are rare exceptions though: For example PL4 received a last update which included improvements for DeepPRIME processing speed which were introduced with PL5.

I rarely buy new cameras to be honest so I don't usually need the latest support for all kind of shiny gear. The only reason I upgraded to PL5 last was the introduction of X-Trans support, which was kind of a big deal. Otherwise I wouldn't have upgraded from PL4 at all. Usually I tend to skip a version and only upgrade every two years during their Black Friday promotions.

Regarding C1 I almost bought it earlier this year when they offered 40% off for a promotion, which was a great deal, but I couldn't afford and justify the purchase at that time.

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