Used eBay lens or new?

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Re: Used eBay lens or new?

Richard Dutton wrote:

I have no idea what the situation for warranties new or from a good dealer is in the US - although 4 years that someone has quoted seems good to me. I tend to factor into the offer price about 5-10% for a good long warranty.

From the UK I have sold many current series lenses as well as bodies on eBay but I tend to buy only stuff from eBay that I can't get, used, from dealers i.e. mostly "vintage" gear.

- Here, the reason is simple: dealer prices are usually similar to eBay ones - or less if you search around or negotiate a discount.

- I can get at least a 6 months warranty, often 12 or 24 months.

- dealers' gradings here are conservative: recently bought a grade "C" lens that was essentially "mint". Dealers do not buy in c**p to resell - too much hassle.

Going back to warranties, here they are pretty measly in general for new items hence little incentive to buy new - certainly for Nikon with a 1 year warranty.

i'm in the u.s., and the only 4-year warranties i've seen are third-party warranties you buy in addition to the camera.  every camera or lens i've bought new had/has a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty, although perhaps pro items have longer warranties.  my gear ranges from entry level to intermediate.

if you buy used from KEH or MPB, the cameras and lenses come with a 6 month warranty; B&H used items have a 3-month warranty.

buying used on ebay, one can usually buy a 1 or 2 year warranty from allstate for around 10% to 15% of the cost of the camera or lens.

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