LR Alternatives for Fuji

Started Aug 19, 2022 | Discussions thread
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Re: LR Alternatives for Fuji

XenonDeathFlash wrote:

Just keep using LR and when you've culled, edited and so on use Enhance detail on all the files. It solves all problems with sharpening Fuji files in LR and gives better results than C1 (in my opinion anyway).

Thanks - Yes enhance details certainly helps, however with my latest batch of images (1200 - culled to 480 - 'family snaps') its really something I would only want to do for a few. In my opinion its a bandaid fix - and as the likes of topaz and DXO plugin - its a diversion from a workflow to get better results. If I was to do this I may as well start with iridient and process only the output DNGs


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