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Coldpaw wrote:

First off, I am one of the very few people here who actually never ever used Adobe Lightroom a single time. Yes it is the industry leader and there are reasons for it and why essentially everyone is using it, however I am not a fan of the subscription model and decided to not even bother with LR.

I have since settled with DXO PhotoLab as it is being called since a few years now. For my kind if use it's almost perfect, plus the DeepPRIME noise reduction is very welcome, especially for my Micro Four Thirds kit. I also enjoy their Film Pack which adds a bunch of presets to alter the look with a few clicks.

What I especially enjoy about the software: You can open images right away, no need to import them into sessions or catalogs or whatever.

If you should be interested in DXO just an important information:
They will release a new, major version in about 8-9 weeks, once that version is out, the current version 5.x won't get any new updates or support for newer cameras, it will stay as it is and the new version 6.x will be supported from then on.

I've also used Capture One (Express) and liked it almost more than PhotoLab, especially due to the nice output of the X-Trans files. I feel like C1 makes it easier to maintain a more "natural" look for an image than PhotoLab does, but that might be just my impression. However I never upgraded to the fully featured version because for my use it's just not worth the heavy price tag they are asking. Plus I'd use DXO anyways for my MFT equipment, so I couldn't really justify buying their software.

You indeed must be a rarity The subscription model is now everywhere and you cant escape it. I'm not a fan of it, however I pay Adobe annually and for what you get its cheap.. really cheap (well it is in Aus which is unusual)

I tried DXO PL5 - It has some impressive capabilities, however I found the interface interesting and would have liked to see Deep prime in full screen or as an option. I appreciate the info re PL5 as i'd wait for a new version. I assume upgrades within version are FOC?

Yeah C1 has a following for a reason but honestly - its just expensive for amateur use. I like the output, and as there is a perpetual license - that a number of people have advised goes on sale regularly.. it may be a better option as I wont be having a new camera for a number of years.

Thanks for the input


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