Picking up a DP2m, any suggested workflows in 2022?

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Re: Picking up a DP2m, any suggested workflows in 2022?

xpatUSA wrote:

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Nukhem wrote:

Forget that crappy SPP.

What you need is x3f wrapper. Use google for the github page.

What it does is it converts those horrible x3f files to Adobe DNG files. Then you can use your favourite Lightroom app. It also removes the green magenta colour casts. You just need to sharpen the image a bit like +30, use the white balance dropper to correct the whitebalance and use the lens correction tab to auto correct chromatic aboration. Export to jpg.

Results are as good as the output of SPP, i kid you not.

Skipping over the obvious problem Ted referred to (If it is only 'just as good', why bother?), I would like to see an example. How about putting an x3f file somewhere folks can download, and showing your 'just as good' result w/o using SPP?

Or I could share an x3f file and show my result from SPP.


Found this DP1 Merrill image from the complainant:


No idea how it was processed. EXIF says it was shot with everything in Auto which belies the anti-SPP stance.

I have my merrills from 2013, I had been using SPP for years before someone created the wrapper. The obvious merit of wrapper is the huge time advantage when developing raw files. Lightroom is faster, easier to use, has excellent panorama stitching, better white balance auto detection, custom presets, HDR tools, faster export ... the list goes on. If you guys still wanna live in the 2010's go ahead.

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