Vintage 85 mm often high prices, any budget ones out there vintage or modern?

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Re: Vintage 85 mm often high prices, any budget ones out there vintage or modern?

The portrait by the pro I mentioned was done on high MP FF. The lens was a 90 at between f4-5.6. Everything in place to get an exceptionally high resolution photo. Cropped 75% it could easily be printed 16x24 or poster sized or billboard sized and it would have been judged to be very sharp. In studio, fixed constant lighting and seamless backdrop. I criticized the composition at first, then realized how it worked to allow the subject freedom. Would not work without AF, good eye detect, and top lens and camera combo. But that’s why he’s a pro earning a fortune and I am merely an ex-photo instructor. For candid, environmental portraits of moving kids, the combo I would rec would be an AF zoom for in camera cropping; camera body your choice but speedy AF would be important. Everyone crops all the time, whether in camera where you call it composition or later in processing. Just saying, high MP FF allows more than say m4/3.  
Personally I find a short telephoto lens to have a sufficiently shallow depth of field at portrait distances to make use of a slower lens, like the 9cm Elmar viable, but that wouldn’t be my choice for rambunctious kids.

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