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Re: darktable, and LUTs that mimic Fujifilm film simulations

5teveO wrote:

Hi Martin

Sorry I didnt mean to imply it didnt run well in Window - Its just very linuxy in its interface which always causes me strife - i'm very flexible with software.. just something about linux stops me dead in my tracks Hope you understand what I mean?

To be honest: no. darktable is actually quite straightforward and logical IMO once you got it. It has a modular structure that is pretty good IMO. But yes, it takes time to lean. I watched countless videos and still consider myself more a darktable beginner than an expert.

Technically, I find it very capable.

There is just no AI functionality. Masks need to be drawn manually for example. Noise reduction is OK but far from excellent. I have recent threads on noise reduction of high ISO images.

Lens correction is a potential limitation because darktable relies on the Lensfun database.

And another limitation, the latest camera models typically take some time to be implemented.

As soon as you apply a LUT, there are of course technical limitations depending on the LUT. See my comments in my darktable baseline post.

So of course, there are limitations. But it works very well. We cannot thank the darktable developers enough who do all their work for free.

I get close to the OOC images - but i'm using bastibes plug in

What is this, Bastibe's plugin? I am interested.

to do this using either stuarts LUTS or Bastibes..

You mean this?

I wanted to try this, too. Just need a little "me time."

as he is working on a set i'm a month or so behind now so not sure what progress he made but the plugin basically applies whatever simulation is used from the camera.. my is generally on provia.. so imports as such. It works ok just a bit slow. Not sure i'd want to import my latest 1200 images... other than before bed. Unfortunaly i'm not that skilled so I have to rely on other peoples genius and generosity to to the smart things.

Haha I think everyone has their expert fields. No-one can cover it all.




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