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Re: darktable isn't a rocket science either

FujiShooterCY wrote:

You can start with some basic sample workflow, shared by knowledgeable person, take it as a good example preset as a basic starting point , customize it to taste a bit with just one of your images, and when done Ok, store your personal preset style, made as a full snapshot of your example image's history stack.

Then you may apply your style to all images selected earlier from a given set for further processing, apply your style to the selected group, and scan the group for cropping, correcting the horizon, retouching and further minor corrections.

Than export selected images and you are done. Pretty straightforward, actually.

Yes you are correct - but it can get a lot more complex if you need it too. I'm not advanced in my image editing, so one of my prerequisites for this new camera / brand is that I like to start as the JPG looks SOOC this gives me my baseline. So LR imports look the same - C1 look the same on1 have a slight yellow cast on skin and Darktable was a mile out to start with, which I know is because of minimal processing to the raw file to get it to a neutral state. I'm learning how the presets work, but I also have a fuji import script that applies the settings in the raw file (simulation etc) and applies them from presets / luts etc, to give a close to SOOC. Its not quite there yet but its easy enough to get something looking ok. Its my skill (and impatience) that is the limiting factor.. certainly not the software!


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