LR Alternatives for Fuji

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Re: Another approach…

Kaoticphoto wrote:

Don't hold your breath, about Adobe improving x-trans rendering, i am waiting since 10 years.

At the end i am keeping LR and preprocessing (it's a simple batch convert,) in x-transformer or Pure raw 2.

With a fast computer (i have a m1 pro macbook) iridient process more than 1000 pics in 1 hour

Latest version of LR, with AI mask, gpu support, preset amount slider, geometry corrections, etc i found its simply the best raw editor by far to switch

I dont hold my breath for any software company I know the xtrans has improved.. but it could still be better. Familiarity goes a long way though.

I will give iridient another go, as I agree LR is fast to work with and i'm just noticing the newer tools. LR imports on my machine (windows machine Xeon and fast disks) fast - It will do around 1200 in about 45 mins including previews.. so not bad.. still feels slow though! Not sure what Iridient will go like on it..


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