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TonyGN10 wrote:

I’ve used both Capture 1 Pro and ON1 for the past 4 years. I used to have a Nikon dslr, sampled most of the raw processors at the time and eventually bought ON1 - I rejected LR because of its (then) relatively expensive subscription only price. I soon moved over to the Fuji X system and tried the (cheaper) C1 Fuji only edition and really liked it - moving to Fuji also confirmed my rejection of LR as it was, at that time, hopeless with x-trans files. But I kept up with ON1, so I could process non-Fuji files.

So I’m very familiar with both C1 and ON1 (not so much other apps). Between the two, on balance, I prefer C1 for its powerful colour editing and masking tools, its UI is very good and totally configurable, so once you get it to your liking, you can work very quickly and efficiently. I also occasionally shoot tethered, which is a very strong plus for C1. On the downside, importing files into C1 is slow and its catalogue functions are probably best described as merely adequate. The biggest downside is of course price - C1 is very expensive. I started out with C1 with the much cheaper Fuji only C1 edition. When C1 got rid of these, existing camera specific customers were able to continue, in perpetuity (!) with their existing price - so I only pay £9 per month for C1 - which is cheap (for C1).

However, ON1 has continued to improve substantially year by year and now has some very useful additional tools - it has a very handy and easy to use time lapse tool, a very effective image enlarger and its noise reduction tool is pretty good and very easy to work with your raw files (no need to generate proxy files). And if you like/need sky replacement, that too is now very good. Although its catalogue is similar to C1 (ie just adequate), with ON1 you do not need to import files - you just point it to the location of your files. And it’s much cheaper than C1.

So long story short, if I was now starting out new, between C1 and ON1, I would go with ON1 - IMO it’s a very good, well-priced, all purpose raw processor (and you can also do some basic pixel editing with it as well) - it has some very useful tools which C1 does not have and is much cheaper than C1.

Obviously everybody has their own (often very strongly held) views on photo editing apps - these are just mine. Also in my view, life is just too short to get sufficiently familiar with all the different photo editing apps available to us to form a really informed opinion - they’re all pretty good!
Good luck making your selection!

Hi Tony

Thanks for that extensive opinion its appreciate and objective. It sounds like I missed out on the fuji version of C1 by mere months.. which is annoying. $9 or $15aud a month is not bad and where LR is really. (LR is very cheap when all things considered at $155aud per year inc PS) and I could stump for that easily. But as it stands the full version of C1 is $40US or $58aud per month or a bargain (sarcasm) at $428aud per year - im not sure what they were thinking but straight doesnt appear to be it. Either way its comes well recommended, its powerful and well featured and i'm assuming aimed squarely for pros.. I'm not averse to paying.. I just dont like wasting my money on something I wont use.

Interesting to note that you would now have gone on1.. I will have more of a use of it to see how familiar I can get in 14 days (well 12 now) I certainly dont mind it - I just need to work out if the yellow cast is on1 or C1 and LR have a red cast. Re on1 - the NR is slow but seems extreme and automatic as soon as you open the module. Is this defualt and normal behaviour?

I agree with you one life is too short. Thats why i'm looking for fast efficient workflow.. so I can waste more of my life on boats, 3d printers, etc etc etc..


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