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I have been using LR for ages, on version 6.14. Means I have to use an external RAF > DNG converter because the RAFs are not recognized. I use Iridient for the conversion, and then process in LR. LR still works fine for m, no need to learn another software.

Thanks - I really need to try iridient again.. It was clearly user error but I saw not difference in the ability to sharpen files without artifacts. As its so well liked I couldnt understand it at the time.. but will try the workflow again.


Steve, I completely agree with Jerry and others promoting IxTransformer. Search out Erik Baumgartner’s setting for it as he has gotten to a definitive set of settings - removing any and all sharpening and noise reduction capability. I renders a DNG file that is really quite easy to work with. ED in LR is something you can also do to the DNG if you are looking for some mods that may take you to another level. Give it a search and your thread is a good addition to this never ending debate. Good luck and happy shooting.

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