LR Alternatives for Fuji

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Re: LR Alternatives for Fuji

TrophyJem wrote:

I made the switch to ON1 a few years back and invested much time watching YouTube’s to grasp how to use it.

It does everything I need and more. You need a powerful PC though else it can be slow.

I particularly like the way edits are held in a sidecar file rather than a database, so if you’ve been editing on a laptop you can simply copy the raws and sidecar files to your PC or NAS and all your edits are there on whatever PC you open them on.

It also renders the Fuji raw files really well

Thanks for the on1 info. The PC is pretty powerful running Xeon CPU, 32gb ram 1gb/s main disk speed and 2gb/s storage array with an OK graphics card (looking for faster - but pricing is ludicrous)

Rendering is good, but as mentioned I notice a slight yellow cast compared to C1 and LR, or LR and C1 have a slightly red cast..

Apart from the speed of the NR which seems to be coupled with sharpening.. its was mostly useable, and the output sharp and comparable with LR minus a few artifacts (in LR that is) Pricing seems reasonably good too.


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