LR Alternatives for Fuji

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Re: LR Alternatives for Fuji

JNR wrote:

As a fellow Pentax refugee who some time ago went from the K3 to Fuji, I'm mostly wanting to simply welcome you to the new community.

You have a pretty good handle on the situation regarding the major raw options. Although I've been in C1 fold for quite some time, you are in a time crunch and fully learning a new software - at least for now - probably isn't your best option.

I think following Jerry's advice to give Iridient Transformer a try is well worth it given how many folks here feel strongly about its quality and ease of use.

Thanks - I'm finding the fuji very different - very fast, accurate but feels so fragile in comparison to the K3!

I dont have much in the way of issues learning new software.. but yes its the time thats the problem. Like i mentioned i dont have major issues with LR - i just cannot push as hard as other apps without the artifacts.

Re my reply to Jerry - I didnt notice a difference with Iridient so I assume user error.. so will as suggested try it (again)


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