LR Alternatives for Fuji

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Jerry-astro wrote:

Before you decide to change your editing software, take a look at Iridient Transformer to preprocess your images before running them through whichever editor you wish to use.

If you are otherwise happy with the editor(s) you’re using, then you might find that preprocessing your images (or at least the problematic ones) might be a better way to deal with the issue you’re running into rather than completely changing to a different editor. This is a superb utility that many DPR Forum members have used successfully to avoid the same sort of issues you’re running into. Consider giving it a try before giving up entirely on LR.

Hi Jerry - Thanks - i'm not planning on changing my editing software per say - just looking at alternatives - I use PS for various things so essentially get LR for free with it at a bargain price I also have all my K20 k3 and Olympus P&S used for UW shots in it..

I'm not so much complaining about LR more looking to see what could be better.. if you know what I mean. I just dont feel like i'm getting the best out of the raws on the XT4. Honestly if Adobe would just sort out the xtrans processing once and for all without bandaids. I would look nowhere else, as i'm sure a number of others wouldnt.

I did try iridient and honestly found the same issues, worming and artifacts. I'm fairly sure I set it up the same as the guides on the web.. but I found it was an extra step making no difference. Very probably user error.. I'm very very talented at user error I probably need to try it again


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