battery grip for R7?

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Re: battery grip for R7?

RDM5546 wrote:

Rediro wrote:

How's the kit lens? I got the body only option but I'm kinda curious as to how the kit performs

I did expect much from the RF 18-150. People said kit lenses were usually pretty bad.

After all it was designed like the EF-M 18-150 is soft in the corners but sharp in the center. Disappointing to me.

To be sure I did my own side by side chart tests vs the lens the forums seemed to lover, the twelve year old EF-S 15-85. For my copies the RF-S 18-150mm is much better than this older lens and looked much better than the 2017 tests by Cristopher Frost YouTube in the corners.

Somehow my 18-150 was simply great in the center and in the corners. Apparently Canon learned something from the earlier EF-M design the enable much better results for the RF-S.

My RF-50f1.2 is an amazing lens and much better than the RF-S 18-150. My RF 24-70f2.8 is also much better but these are much more expensive lenses. All of these are sharp in the center and corners.

I love mine and I recommend you try this RF 18-150. It is optically great, very small and very light weight. Too bad it is not a 15-150, then it would cover an equivalent FF of 24mm which is important to me. Consequentially, I am waiting for the rumored to get RF-S 11-22mm to cover wide angles.

The 16 2.8 is a handy wa to use with the 18-150 imo, it can offer a touch more speed too and in 4:3 ratio has that nice wa portrait fov in vertical orientation of around 28mm too, its small, compact and can probably be used at night with great ibis without issue!

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