x-t-mini wanted :)

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Re: Meet Fuji X-T30 II, to your pleasure!

John Gellings wrote:

io_bg wrote:

John Gellings wrote:

FujiShooterCY wrote:

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Sorry, but the X-T30 is obviously not what he’s looking for. It’s an ergonomic nightmare.

Why? Many X-T30 users will disagree with you, including me.

And just as many will agree with me, based on the horrible placement of the Q button. That said, I’m not sure why people are assuming the OP doesn’t know about the X-T30.

In turn, what you're apparently assuming is the OP wouldn't know of the many ways the Fn-button array can be tweaked to taste nowadays. Pressing this Q button accidentally, well it happens, but didn't prove a real issue so far as there's plenty room to the left of it to rest a thumb. And for now I decided its functionality goes best with my usual QuickFussing over whitebalance. The Q-menu is then accessed by the AE-L button, muscle-memory that I acquired in dealing with an X-E2S.

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