Disassembly - Voigtlander 15mm F4.5 III Super Wide-Heliar Aspherical

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Re: Disassembly - Voigtlander 15mm F4.5 III Super Wide-Heliar Aspherical

Yesterday I did the cleaning and it's almost like new. Today morning I noticed that there is now a tiny speck of dust on the inside of the rearmost element (I think), so i will probably disassemble it once more. So thank you once more for the help, it helped me a lot, because I knew what to expect.

I have the Sony E-mount version actually and there are some minor differences, but the general idea is very similar.

I almost gave up when removing the lens mount, because one of the screws was very tight. After sufficient amount of acetone it did came loose, but I nearly stripped its head.

Immediately after that was another moment where I was close to quitting, because at that point you need to disconnect two wires from the circuit board. It took me a while to figure out that you need to raise the black part of the connector using a needle (it's done from the opposite side of the cable). After that, the cables easily slide out. Now the circuit board can to be removed (it's held by two screws) with the whole lens mount.

Lens mount removed, now the the cables need to be disconnected.

With the Sony E-mount version, the rear lens element is still not easily reachable after the mount is removed, so it was necessary to remove the part with DOF scale. To do that, I needed to unscrew four more screws (one is located under the circuit board that I removed previously). I used acetone again to get them loose, because they were glued apparently.

Next it was exactly as described, I wrapped the rear lens element with some rubber bands and unscrewed it. Under that, that is one more element, that is removed the same way:

Back of the lens with the DOF scale and the rearmost element removed.

That finally allowed me to access the aperture chamber to clean the lens inside. I used a sensor cleaning swab that I trimmed using scissors to a narrow strip on the end with the sensor cleaning fluid. I figured out that this is probably the best way to ensure the cleaning does not leave any residue.

In the end I partially disassembled it three times. After the first assembly I noticed that there is still a little spot hidden just behind the aperture which was not really visible without the rear leans element screwed on, so I disassembled it again. This is where using sensor cleaning swap paid off, because it's flexible so I could stick it underneath the aperture without touching it (well, I did accidentally touch it, but nothing happened).

When putting it together again I was paying a lot of attention to checking for any more specks while attaching the rear lens element.  However, I paid less attention to the rest and I accidentally attached the DOF scale incorrectly, so it was not possible to focus (the DOF scale ring serves also as stops for the focusing ring), so I had to fix that.

The last mistake I did was when attaching the lens mount. Surprisingly it's not attached at the „most snugly“ position, but with the largest cable underneath being folded (and a bit springy). The correct position is when the electric contacts on the mount are approximately 90 degrees from the red dot on the DOF scale.

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