GFX 100S pixel shift defect detected

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GFX 100S pixel shift defect detected

Spike Mafford, Seattle, WA  Back story

I am a photographer of fine art.  I'm working on making files that need to be 20K pixels on the long dimension.  I've been using a Hasselblad H5D-40 for 8 years.  Works great with the custom profile.  I tried to create composite images using PTGUI and very accurately documenting the flat art with consistent Broncolor strobe light, art mounted on a wall that moves across the camera plane.  That is not working anymore.  Just upgraded the PTGUI software and that may be the issue.

On to the new tech-

Using the GFX100s with pixel shift.  Found out I can't use my color accurate strobes because the mechanical shutter is disabled in Pixel Shift mode.  Using hot lights, like in the olden days...1/2 second exposure with 15 seconds between exposures.  I still need to make two exposure and stitch them together because the short dimension on pixel shift file is only 17000 pixels.

I'm in the Studio, no fans running, no dancing on the wood floors and no luck making an exposure that does not come up with "defect detected".

What am I doing wrong?  I'm under a deadline with two days to go, renting the gear and not feeling very good about how it is working out.

I appreciate any insight on how to get the camera to capture properly.

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