Picking up a DP2m, any suggested workflows in 2022?

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Re: Picking up a DP2m, any suggested workflows in 2022?

xpatUSA wrote:

Nukhem wrote:

Forget that crappy SPP.

What you need is x3f wrapper. Use google for the github page.

Does everybody here know what "github" is? I've never used it myself ...

What it does is it converts those horrible x3f files to Adobe DNG files. Then you can use your favourite Lightroom app. It also removes the green magenta colour casts. You just need to sharpen the image a bit like +30, use the white balance dropper to correct the whitebalance and use the lens correction tab to auto correct chromatic aboration. Export to jpg.

Results are as good as the output of SPP, i kid you not.

If the results are "as good as the output of SPP" then they are still crappy according to your opening statement, right?

On my Adobe-free computer, your following advice is wasted, sorry!

Github is an open source software (which x3f wrapper is) developer portal where you can download the compiled latest version or you can download the source code to develop the application further to your likings.


SPP is a dinosaur of a program, takes ages to even adjust a little slider. It's very time consuming to develop a raw file even on modern hardware.

If you want to stay adobe free you can output to TIFF in x3f wrapper and use any program you want to develop further.

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