Your favorite Fuji camera body for use with vintage manual focus lenses

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Fujifilm film simulations

I think it is best to Google or YouTube it to compare the simulations. For example, a page like will show the different ones and also explain them somewhat.

You may just need to look up Nostalgic Negative. It's late now. But I may add some examples tomorrow to illustrate why I prefer certain ones, like it.

It may even be of interest to pair certain ones with certain lenses e.g. Nostalgic Neg has a warm look like you get from a Super Takumar 50mm f1.4. For less contrasty lenses, like so many old ones wide open, a more contrasty sim could be better. Like Velvia to inject some color too (I use this on my hazy Industar 69). Or Classic Neg to go for a more stylised film look with dark greens and more orange reds (not used it with manual glass yet). Lenses with bright colors like the Minolta Rokkor PF 55mm f1.8 may suite the more subtle sims like Pro Neg High.

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