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Re: Z6II autofocus tracking dreadful

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Not True, Your indicting a camera based on generalizations and quite frankly you have not put in the time to learn the camera, the focus system, and the settings correctly. I get fantastic focus performance with the Z7II, Z6II, and the Z9. I have learned and tested for months on end on MANY use cases and I created a spreadsheet with my best settings for those use cases, just like Nikon has done with the Z9.

When you make a statement like; "Autofocus tracking dreadful", you had better have a powerful argument to back it up.

I know how to use my camera and I understand the setting, many people have had problems with autofocus tracking with birds in flight not just me. I already said for anything moving slowly the tracking is ok.

As for me saying the tracking is dreadful I explained it already in my first post, read it again until you understand what I said. I said WITH FAST BIRDS IN FLIGHT!!!!!!

I am not all amused with some of the heat in recent forums. Really, if there is a valid point to be made, there is no need to shout.

I recently loaned a good friend my 500PF for use with his Nikon Z7. Now, most would agree that the Z6ii has superior focus and tracking to the Z7.

Attached is a shot Graeme took with a Z7 + 500PF + FTZ adapter of a fast flying peregrine falcon. I hope this example is acceptable to you. If you know of any faster flying birds, do let me know.

Graeme is a skilled photographer who knows his craft and his equipment well. I think that is the key. Now, what was that saying about "a bad tradesman blames his tools"?

Peregrine falcon Nikon Z7+500PF+FTZ 1/4000 sec, f7.1, ISO 720, distance 20 meters approx.

A d200 could have got that shot. A bird on a totally blue background moving sideways is how you test an af system nowadays? Come on.

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