Learning to use RAW files

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Re: Learning to use RAW files

Digital Nigel wrote:

Michael Fritzen wrote:


in fact I notice in C1 the distortion towards the sides which you mentioned.

It seems to me though that this is something coming from the lens already, even more so with the f/2.8 aperture not covering entirely the focus differences from centre to the sides.

Just for fun I played with the distortion slider in the Lens Correction tab and a value just a little bit lower than the default 100 removes some of the distortion towards the sides. To me it looks as if the lens correction profile used in C1 is suboptimal.

Then again noise doesn't look to me an issue in C1 - at least not on screen - using the settings to their defaults.

When other SW does something better: excellent for us users since it's the driving force for competition.

It would be useful if you could upload the full-size c1 rendering, with lens correction fully applied.

Note that volume deformation correction is not a lens fault, and nothing to do with lens distortion correction. It happens with every single wide angle lens.

Well, I could but I don't.

Taking a look back to where the discussion began and what has been the question asked by the OP, I don't feel that diving any deeper into special features and qualities of one or the other RAW developping solution adds something crucial. Of course YMMV.

To the OP: Good luck with your decision.

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