Your favorite Fuji camera body for use with vintage manual focus lenses

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Re: Your favorite Fuji camera body for use with vintage manual focus lenses

Blood N Guts Murphy wrote:

Thanks for a well written answer!

Film Simulations:

All Fujifilm cameras can be used with all film simulations provided by Lightroom and Capture One with little hacks (see Pal2Tech on YouTube). Or you can use Cobalt Image film simulations to do it for other brand cameras and even some phones. Knowing this is a big help when you don't want a new body, or if you want simulations only on the medium format cameras i.e. Nostalgic Negative, which is currently my default and great with vintage lenses. I also use Classic Negative a lot which is only on the latest 4th gen APSC Fujis.

If you want to bake the look in-camera, so it feels like using film more: Fuji's JPGs are legendary. But only Classic Chrome on the 2nd gen (Xtrans 2) is filmic imho (along with Nostalgic Neg and Classic Neg on newer cameras). When I first got an XE2 I loved baking the look in camera using Velvia mostly (their vivid profile), then there were new options added with the next round of cameras like adding grain and using the new Acros simulation (Xtrans 3). The most recent 4th generation of Xtrans had even more options for "JPG recipes" and new simulations. The FujiXWeekly website features many of these recipes to help you bake a look into your Fuji e.g. lift/crush shadows, add grain, pick a film simulation, tweak white balance...

All these film simulations, both for RAW and JPEG are interesting I think. Do you have any example images you can show?

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