E-P2 IR conversion worth it?

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Re: E-P2 IR conversion worth it?

On the one hand, since IR photography is typically done in bright daylight and a 700nm filter lets quite a bit of IR and dark red through, you could get quite acceptable results without having to bump the ISO too high or deal with very slow shutter speeds. If it weren't for the money I'd say go ahead; what have you got to lose?

OTOH, that's a fairly expensive investment in an old camera that might give up the ghost at any time. In the US, lifepixel.com sells newer, used, converted models for as low as US$250 (e.g. E-M5, E-M10).

On the third hand, if you're handy with tools, lifepixel's tutorial to convert an E-P3might be close enough to your E-P2 that you could do it yourself. What have you got to lose? You might even choose to simply remove the hot filter and go "full spectrum", using screw-on lens filters to get the wavelengths you want. (Some lenses may not focus to infinity if you don't replace the hot filter with their special "full spectrum" clear glass, but in practice I found it doesn't affect IR photography, just my meagre attempts at UV.)

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