Animals from Tenerife

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Animals from Tenerife

In June I spent a vacation on the Island of Tenerife, Spain. It's the biggest one of the Canary Islands with a very special population of animals and plants - some of them to be found in the Canaries only.

Here a small selection of animals that I encountered - all safe the last one taken in a rather hot and dry environment at about 2.000 meters height in the national park "La Caldera" dominated by volcanic rock.

#1: A Canary Island Chiffchaff - staring at its next potential prey ...

#2: A Western Canaries Lizard

#3: Another smaller Canaries Lizard with a different pattern.

#4: A bee, with a very dark, almost black body

#5: A bee-fly

#6: An unknown type of butterfly (or at least one I couldn't identify)

#7: And what do we have here? A camouflage artist, very well adopted to the volcanic rock

#8: A closer look: It's a black-winged grasshopper.

#9: Another butterfly, easier to identify: should be a Bath White

#10: An Anthrax Fly, another guest in the volcanic environment

#11: And just for the fun of it a Kestrel - this one taken at sea level at the cost in the evening near sunset, not at "La Caldera"

Hope you enjoyed the Tenerife animals!


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