Focus Oscillation in K3 iii?

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John Cal
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Re: Focus Oscillation in K3 iii?

Interesting it looks like a definite mis focus but how to determine the cause is tricky.

1/ Try higher shutter speeds with Shake Reduction off, with a tripod to take your technique out of the equation

2/ Try Center point only focus only.

3/ Try live view focus to see if you still get the same miss focus issues.

4/ Try electronic shutter vs mechanical shutter.

This my only bug bear with DSLR cameras vs MILCs. The ability to review instantaneously  though the view finder to see how well the focus nailed the shot is for me the only irritating problem when using any DSLR. I'm pretty sure Pentax has a patent on a design to give 'playback only' through the optical view finder via an auxiliary EVF within the pentaprism system. The lack of instant playback though the viewfinder is my only issue with DSLRs over MILCs. I wish Pentax would implement such a design its the only nit pick I have with DSLR cameras 📷   I hope you manage to work out the issue. I find all cameras will have mis focusing issues regardless of brand or system types.

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