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If Capture One Express for Sony is still free of charge than that is a perfect way to start with RAW processing. However, I read at DPR that C1 stopped with this free version. But I would say just give it a try.

At this time I would not recommend a full C1 to start with; DxO PL-5 with DeepPrime NR would be a better choice for non-professional use.

Why wouldn't a professional use it? Yes, Photoshop is preferable for publishing but most professionals are not in the publishing industry.

C1 has the tethering option; in C1 you see real time the effect of NR (okay, that would also be possible with DxO non-AI options)..

C1's NR is really inadequate; I'm often shocked at the poor quality images it produces. I couldn't tolerate using C1 for that reason, quite apart from the clunky UI.

Tom, I am sorry to say so but I am really afraid that you did not master to use C1..

I'm sure you're right.

C1 seemed to take much more effort to use, and produced worse quality results, so I saw no point in wasting time mastering it. PhotoLab just seemed a much better solution: much easier to use, highly productive workflow, better quality results. So why would I want to master C1?

I think very few individuals ever 'master' any tool as deep and powerful as the current crop of high end converting/editing tools. Those who do most likely become instructors and start teaching others how to use them.

The rest of us find a groove within which we operate as users, learning enough about a tool to accomplish our own goals for our own photos, and that's about it.

Should a person not have bought any of these programmes yet, I consider C1 to be an excellent FREE piece of software as an entrée to RAW processing. I found it very easy to get used to, the workflow is quite simple and quick and I find the results very good in by far the majority of cases. I am curious as to your implied comment that PL-5's workflow is better: seeing as I am not that familiar with PL-5, could you expand on in which way you found it superior to C1? I really find C1 very straight forward for my use, so I find it interesting that you would consider PL-5 superior in that regard.

Different opinions shouldn't surprise anyone. The fact that many such competing tools continue to exist and thrive indicates that no single one is 'best' for all users.

In principle: human nature being what it is, I would be quite surprised if most people would not find the programme that they happened to start with and are familiar with the easiest to use and the other daunting.

Well, the one I happened to start with (and also the next one to which I migrated) aren't even maintained anymore, and don't support my current cameras. In addition, the ones I started with were so limited in functionality that I would be very unhappy using them now. I then flirted with (and rejected) a few more after those first two before settling down with the ones that feel best for me.

But your larger point is correct: Whatever we become familiar with eventually feels so natural that we think of it as 'intuitive' even if it isn't.

Any relatively powerful piece of software has a learning curve and unless there is a compelling reason to change, not something to be taken on lightly.

I tried the trial version of PL-5 earlier this year and I did not like it... most likely because I was proficient with C1 and comfortable with its UI and workflow. I accept that PL-5 could give better noise reduction, upscaling (not something I do) and sharpening. But because C1 gives me results that I am happy with 99% (an arbitrary number... ) of the time and changing would cost me US$200+, so, just as you could not be bothered to change to C1, so I could not be bothered to change to PL-5. FOR ME, the improvements that I could potentially get in a relatively small number of cases did not justify the price plus going through the learning curve.

I found it the prefect solution to a non-existent problem

And I find that perfectly understandable.

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