Shooting Tethered with Capture One

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Re: Shooting Tethered with Capture One

itsKalan wrote:

Hi all!

I've been running into a specific issue with newer Fujifilm cameras and am out of ideas on how to solve the problem aside from switching to another camera brand.

I'm running the latest Capture One 22. I'm unable to shoot tethered with any of the new Fujifilm cameras that I or the company I work for owns. The cameras I own that will function as expected when shooting tethered are the X-H1 and the GFX 50R. These both will connect to my M1 Macbook pro, and transfer raw images to the computer as they are taken.

I'm not able to shoot a single photo tethered with the X-T4 and X-S10. These cameras will connect to the computer, show up in capture one, but when the shutter is pulled, the green and orange light will flash on the cameras, and the camera will lock up until I disconnect the tether cable and turn the camera off and on again.

Initially I thought the issue was specifically with the X-T4, because it started showing tethering hiccups in early 2021. It would work but frequently would time time out. Doing a full set-up reset on the X-T4 would occasionally fix it. I tested several different cables to see if that was the culprit, no dice. Then it got to the point of not being able to take a photo at all. I sent this camera to be repaired by Fujifilm and they replaced the motherboard. This however did not fix the issue with tethering. I sent it back again to have them look specifically at fixing the tethering issue. They couldn't find any problems on their end.

Most recently, I purchased an X-S10 as a backup camera for the studio I shoot out of, and it has the same issue as the X-T4.

I've tested tethering with cameras from Sony and Canon that all work perfectly. I'd like to remain in the Fujifilm Ecosystem, but simply won't be able to if I can't solve this problem.

Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time <3

I shoot tethered with my X-T4 into Capture One Pro and it works great. Both the X-T4 and the X-S10 are supported by Capture One for tethered shooting, so yours should work too.

Just to reinforce other posts above - ensure you are set to USB Auto in Connection Mode and using the correct type of cable is critical - I'd suggest you go to and use their "Find Your Cable" tool. I did initially have problems with my X-T4 tethered until I got the correct cable - TetherTools cables are not cheap but they do work.

Good luck - hope you sort it.

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