Fuji XF10 - minor faults

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Ian Carey New Member • Posts: 6
Fuji XF10 - minor faults


I have had a Fuji XF10 for almost 2 years and really like it. However, of late I think it has developed some minor faults.

When in aperture priority mode, the aperture dial occasionally stops working and I am stuck with whatever the camera was last set to.

Also when in aperture priority, the images have gone a bit greenish. This occurs regardless of the selected film simulation (I mainly use Velvia or Provia). However, when in scene recognition mode (SR+), there is no greenish tint.

In any mode, the exposure compensation dial sometimes plays up.

The camera also occasionally refuses to turn off and just freezes, but rectifies when I remove & replace the battery.

Although minor, these faults are annoying, as well as worrying.

My first assumption is that the connection of the dials is slightly compromised.

I was thinking of applying a very small amount of WD40, but not sure that this is a good idea with optical equipment!

Anyone else had similar problems?

Any suggestions about how to resolve them?

Many thanks,


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