Advice how to carry 5 kg of gear (A1 + 400mm f/2.8)...

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Re: Advice how to carry 5 kg of gear (A1 + 400mm f/2.8)...

I use a Gitzo GM4542 carbon monopod with a Wimberley mini side gimbal. The GM400 lens foot fits to the Wimberley. When you put the lens and camera over your shoulder (on the monopod), the "step out" of the side gimbal moves the lens back so it sits REALLY comfortably across your shoulders and behind your head. I can carry all day like that, and it's ready for near instant use at all times. The monopod and gimbal is light enough that you can effectively ignore it (for a while) and shoot "normal" handheld with the pod dangling below.

I've also used the Gitzo traveller monopod (GM2562T) for this (because it's lighter), but it's too bendy at full extension to properly support this setup. Lots of bouncy vibration when you tilt up or down and it take quite a while to die away. This pod works better with smaller lenses (I use it mainly for macro with an adapted Canon MP-E65mm).

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