Comparing XnView MP / FastStone Image Viewer

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Comparing XnView MP / FastStone Image Viewer

Hello, for fast image viewing on an oldish Win Laptop, I am considering the freewares

  • XnView MP 1.0
  • FastStone Image Viewer 7.6

They seem very similar, even though XnView might have even more options.

My questions:

  • Do you see any relevant DIFFERENCES between the two?
  • What are your favorite functions in those two programs?

I don't need info about even other alternatives (even if they are better). Also paid software is not an option here, so no comparison to LR or C1 is needed. Hi-end imaging is not planned, but if you know of differences in basic imaging like cropping, I'd be interested.

I am aware of the following differences so far:

  • XnView MP offers much larger thumbnails (up to 768x576, as opposed to max. 265x190 with FastStone)
  • XnView offers much more detailed info text below each thumbnail
  • Only XnView is also availabe for Mac and Linux
  • Only FastStone is available "portable"
  • Only FastStone has image comparison for 2-4 pics

Any other interesting (relevant) differences?

Thanks for your real-life experience!

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