Do you have aphantasia?

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Do you have aphantasia?

Apologies for posting this here - the MFT forum is the busiest and friendliest photography group I know of, I can't think of anywhere else I might be able to get a decent number of helpful replies. If mods don't want this here, you may naturally delete the thread. (I've tried elsewhere with no luck.)

Aphantasia is the inability to create visual imagery in your mind. I am curious to see whether it might be more or less prevalent among photographers vs. the average population, where its prevalence is estimated to be up to 5%.

When prompted "think of an apple", a normal visualiser can see an actual visual representation of an apple in their mind's eye. It will look at least something like a real physical apple. Someone with strong visualisation (a hyperphantast) may even see a completely life-like apple and be able to change it in any way they wish. Colour, shape, bitten etc.

An aphant such as myself sees nothing. I know perfectly well what an apple is and will of course recognise one when I see it, but when I prompt my mind to conjure up the image of an apple - or a family member, my own face, my house - nothing happens.

If you are not sure what aphantasia is and would like to take a professionally developed visualisation test, here's a link:

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My mind is extremely visual. (Hyperphantasia)
24.8% 37  votes
I can visualise just fine.
60.4% 90  votes
I have no or very little visuals in my mind's eye. (Aphantasia)
9.4% 14  votes
I have no idea.
3.4% 5  votes
Not interested in answering, just want to see the results.
2.0% 3  votes
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