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Re: In the yard

Jim Vincent wrote:

Thanks Andrew.

Before your OM-1, I believe you had a E-M1.2, is that right?

Did you keep it?

Do you ever use it now that you have the OM-1?

I ask because I have the E-M1.3 and love it but am about to order an OM-1.

I know some people like to have 2 bodies so they can have two different lenses ready to use at an instant, but I'm not sure why else I'd need the E-M1 once I have an OM-1.


So you have something to shoot with if something happens to your new body and you have to send it in for service.

My OM-1 came in Friday and talked to the shop this morning and verified I want it. With luck I'll have it tomorrow already. But my decision regarding the old body was easier because I know they would probably offer me below $100 for my E-M1, if they would even want it. I didn't even ask. So it will be my spare.

I've done the two body thing before, with film. I had (still have) two Canon F1. I loved it. But I also had a car to transport all the gear in. And I think there is a difference between having two identical bodies and two not so similar ones with different menus and so on. With the Canons I didn't have to think if I switched to the other body. I suspect with my two Oly bodies I will have to reset my mind.

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