Time for a film camera with an EVF

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Re: Time for a film camera with an EVF

iljitsch wrote:

I was watching a video of people waxing nostalgic about the Nikon F6, Nikons final film camera released in 2004, when the switch to digital was well underway. They put all the DSLR tricks into the F6. Which got me thinking:

We've had film cameras with optical viewfinders for a long time.

We've had digital cameras with optical viewfinders for a fairly long time.

We also have digital cameras with electronic viewfinders.

What we don't have is film cameras with electronic viewfinders. And wouldn't that be great? With both a digital sensor and film, you have the best of both worlds.

Of course as there's still a mirror such a camera would have to use the older mount used with DSLRs, not the shorter mirrorless mount.

To make this even more perfect, the camera should have the option to use film rolls a bit at a time. So if you shoot 10 photos on film, but you want to change your film, the camera winds back the film roll, but remember how far you got with it so you can continue later.

Of course the camera should have profiles for all common film stocks so the EVF can show you a preview of what your photo is going to look like.

How is that going to work? I cannot see any reasonable technical way to realize this.

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