going on a trip...so laptop mostly only...nad zpaq, an incremental file archive program

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foot wrote:

LynniePad wrote:

foot wrote:

I'm going on a trip in a bit, and my current setup has

my laptop, exrernal monitor/keyboard/mouse, and external drives...

so I needed to come up with a "laptop mostly only" setup...

the extrernal monitor/keyboard are easily left behind. I do like a real mouse, so I'm taking a wired mouse with me (to avoid any mouse interferance issues on the trip)

the external drives were setup to automate my backups, so I needed to do something,

since I plan to leave the exrernal drives (large capactiy, requires it's own power-bricks)

I need to replace tham with something small, protable, runs off usb power...

Have you considered Robocopy? It’s a standard item with the later versions of Windows, and I’ve been using it for years with good results.

No need for automation, just run this script via a desktop shortcut…
Robocopy “c:\shared\current files” “f:\data\current files” /e /dcopy:t /MT:8

(See Robocopy /help for full list of parameters)

First run takes a while, of course, but subsequent updates take just seconds. Drives are SSD and CPU is multi-threaded.

I travelled with a laptop and about 50Gb of data, and a full day of shooting was added to the archive very quickly. Server in the office uses the same scheme to look after nearly 1Tb of photos and data.

I like robocopy!

the way I use it is to "gather" all the important folders/files across the network, to put them into a "common" folder.

Yes, that’s the way I was using it at first, then I wondered what would happen if I ran the Robocopy routine again, and found that it operated incrementally! Adding some test data confirmed that any new or changed files were added to the backup.

Previous versions don’t concern me, since versioning is covered by having successive files within folders for those developing projects that need them. Using the present parameters, the few files that are deleted are not removed from the backup. A minor safety feature.

I also do conventional backups, but not so often as previously, and I am so confident of Robocopy reliability that I have used that copy to set up a new server for the office.

The multi-threading performance (intel i7 Gen. 10) is very impressive, and casual viewers find it hard to believe.

Good luck.

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